Karachi Youth Productions

14801119_10211470466663840_1412900997_nKarachi Youth Productions is a private youth based organisation in Karachi, Pakistan. It was founded by an ambitious young individual in 2013 and has now expanded to become one of the leading private youth organisations of Karachi. Karachi Youth Productions began functioning by hosting an academic simulation of the United Nations, widely known as Karachi Youth Model United Nations (KYMUN) which is currently in its fifth addition. KYMUN provides its participants with a social, political and economic cognizance of their respective countries through a constructive & intense session of debate pertaining to global politics, international relations, political economy, strategies of governance, territorial disputes, human rights & regional crisis to name a few. It has served as a private platform for the youth of all kinds of backgrounds in Karachi, with bilingual committees (English and Urdu) such as PNA. Karachi Youth Production is therefore primarily known for this event since it is organised every year, however there are other events that were equally successful. To begin with, SPERANZA was organised back in 2013 which was once again an event created to foster talent amongst the youth of Karachi. lt featured more than 10 competitions integrated into a single event, ranging from Futsal to Declamations, the competitions included things such as film Making ,console Gaming, throw ball, badminton, essay writing etc. Another event also organised by Karachi Youth Productions is the Karachi Youth Drama Competition (KYDC) which is currently in its second edition after its groundbreaking success in the years 2013 and 2014. The prime purpose of this Drama competition was to provide a showcase for participants to demonstrate their unique drama work. It brought together students, teachers, theatre professionals, and community members to view, discuss critique and enjoy each other’s creative efforts, under the guidance of experienced adjudicators. It is therefore the distinct pleasure of Karachi Youth Production to be organising this unique bilingual event, a first of its kind in Pakistan for the Youth of Karachi. It is always important for Karachi Youth Productions to come up with new, challenging events to stimulate the young minds of the upcoming generations. Political Awareness in a crucial aspect of one’s development in the current society, and it is Karachi Youth Productions’ priority to provide it to youngsters