Karachi Youth Parlimant

national-assembelyKarachi Youth Parliament is an innovative approach towards debate that Karachi will witness for the first time this november This conference serves as a platform for the youth raise their voice and express their opinions without reservation. Pakistan requires the younger generations to be armed with knowledge and understanding of how modern politics operate, in order to vote for the right leaders and be the positive change this country needs.
Therefore the primary aim of Karachi Youth Parliament is to spread political awereness, however unlike other conferences all of the discussion will be directed towards Pakistan.
This is a way of providing the youth the superficial feel of decision making empowerment, which in reality is much greater than we imagine.

Since every vote matters and keeping in mind the diversity in our society, it was essential that young delegates from all social backgrouds feel confident enough to participate. For this reason, Karachi Youth Parliament is the very first bilingual debate conference in Karachi.
It is time that we stand together and speak up for the one main thing that unites us – our motherland. Pakistan needs you to speak up as well as exchange experience and knowledge with eachother. Embrace the diversity and merge into one society.
Let’s become the milestones that this country needs for a major change to take place.
Join Karachi Youth Parliament as we step out on a journey of intense debate this november.

I will speak up for my country, will you?